Beat L.A.!! Beat L.A.!!

Making fun of the Clippers of Major League Baseball

The Anti-Dodgers Community
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Celebrating the ongoing futility and failure of the Los(e) Angeles Dodgers....

They truly are baseball's biggest chokers!!


If you're a fan of the Padres, Giants, Angels, or any club other than L.A., welcome! Come join us as we watch the Dodgers crash and burn in 2006! It's like a train wreck... sure ain't pretty, but you've just got to look!

Your Los Angeles Dodgers..... the Clippers of Major League Baseball!!!

(and therefore with a better chance of appearing in the 2006 postseason!)
Adrian Beltre
Paul LoDuca
Steve Finley
Shawn Green
Guillermo Mota
Juan Encarnacion
Jose Lima
Jose Hernandez
Chan Ho Park
Hee Seop Choi
Darren Dreifort
Rickey Henderson
Kirk Gibson
Pedro Martinez
Tom Niedenfuer
Steve Yeager
Ron Cey
Mike Piazza
Hiram Bocachica
Darryl Strawberry
Eric Davis
Jose Canseco
Pedro Guerrero
Kenny Landreaux
Steve Sax
Mike Marshall (the outfielder)
Mike Marshall (the pitcher)
Mike Scioscia
Duke Snider
Pee Wee Reese
Barry Bonds
Bud Selig
O.J. Simpson
Ryan Leaf
Michael Jackson
Richard Simmons
Saddam Hussein
Fidel Castro

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