Krass (krautboy) wrote in dodgers_suck,

Thrilled to be here.

Thought I'd take the time to introduce myself since I'm not a Dodgers fan, and therefore have manners.

I live in Seattle, but the Padres are my team due to me spending the first part of childhood living there. My first sporting event ever was a Padres game at the Murph sitting behind Dave Winfield in those old yellow and brown uniforms.

I have a friend up here who is a Giants fan (goofy_goff) and she should be joining shortly as I told her about this anti-Dogturd community.

Anyway, I just got back from visiting SD last weekend, and went to Petco to see the Padres plays the LA Douchebags. We were behind their dugout, and it was nice to see that their fans are still the classless assclowns I remember. One of them was screaming obscenities at a 3 year old in a Padres outfit. Nice. We ended up losing that night, but are 3-0 against those pricks since.

Anyholler, glad to find this community and I look forward to LA staying in the cellar where they freaking belong!

Here's a picture of me and my Mom at the game...

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Welcome krautboy!!!

Yes, you came to the right place alright...Dog Turds suck!

I am a Rockies fan, like the Padres and DBacks (I live in Arizona now...from Colorado originally), and hate the Gnats and the Dog Turds LOL If we're gonna have a Dog Turds Suck site,, why not a Giants Suck community too?