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Game Over, indeed!

Gagne's to Have Elbow Surgery Friday

Dodger closer Eric Gagne will have surgery on his troublesome right elbow Friday to remove a nerve that he said has been causing him pain, a Dodger official said today. Gagne will be placed on the disabled list, and the Dodgers did not immediately provide a timetable for his return.

Gagne's 2005 season ended abruptly in June when he had elbow surgery. Originally, he was going to have the ulnar collateral ligament replaced in a procedure commonly known as Tommy John surgery, but doctors determined that the drastic measure was not necessary and merely repaired the ligament. Gagne did have Tommy John surgery in 1999.

The Dodgers are in Philadelphia and will begin a three-game series Friday. Gagne remained in Los Angeles to have the surgery, which will be performed by Dr. Frank Jobe and Dr. Frank Gambardella.

Gagne was positive about his recovery from last season's surgery throughout the off-season and during spring training. He occasionally complained of pain, but attributed it to scar tissue.

He released the following statement today: "I'm very disappointed because I thought this would be behind us. It was a decision where I want to be 100% and be myself and enjoy it because I can't pitch with that kind of pain."

Are any of the Bums not on the DL at this point?
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